I’d like to introduce you to Dionne and her unicorn sidekick Stella. 🦄 😊 She is our May Bootcamper profile. Dionne’s dedication and love for her family help keep her motivated to stay fit and strong. She’s always ready for a challenging workout!

1. Tell us a little about yourself(family, hobbies, etc) and why you first became interested in bootcamp?

My name is Dionne Sellinger. I am a stay at home mom by day, and an opera singer/ music teacher by night. I first heard about breakout fitness from my friend and neighbor who offered me some discounted bootcamp classes where her sister was the instructor. At the time my little ones were almost 2 & 4, I was dealing with chronic lower back pain, and I hadn’t attempted any form of exercise in almost 5 years. I was in desperate need of some self care and after one class I knew breakout would be a great fit! As most moms to toddlers know, an hour of alone time is a precious thing. When that hour can be spent having fun with other grown ups, and someone else making all the decisions....
needless to say I had found my own little slice of heaven. 😆

2. What do you like most about the bootcamp classes and what’s your favourite exercise(s)?

My favourite thing about class, is that it’s 3 hours of the week I get to spend with friends and focus on myself. I was feeling very disconnected to my own body when I started and class was filled with such a wonderful, welcoming group of people. Bootcamp became a place where I could take care of me, get stronger, and make friends. With lower back issues, I was always given safe exercise options, and never felt pressured to do more than I could at the time. It was also nice to know I was getting a well rounded full body workout each class, and someone to keep an eye on my form. It’s so nice to workout with a group that both pushes you to do more, lets you whine when it gets hard, and holds each other up until the end. My favourite exercise is probably pushups because I can feel how much stronger my entire body has become since I started class almost 3 years ago. But they’re my least favourite in the classes where we’ve done
over 50. 😂

3. Since you’ve been attending bootcamp classes what are some of the benefits that you see as a result of exercising regularly?

Since starting bootcamp, I can honestly say, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been in my life. As a singer your body is your instrument and bootcamp really helped me reconnect to mine. Core and breath support are especially important in opera singing and class helped me to regain those muscles that I had lost after 2 pregnancies. Another side effect of regular exercise was losing 25lbs of post baby weight and learning to maintain that by taking better care of myself. Although my lower back pain can still flare up when I over do it, I now have the strength and knowledge to know when to take it easy and when it’s safe to push myself. And even though bootcamp used to by my hour to myself away from the kids, it also made me a better mom, with more energy to take care of my family now and in the future.
I am extremely grateful to breakout fitness for all the fun times, and the great friends I’ve gotten to know while sweating, whining, and working out each week. As my 4 year old would say, “Unicorn Sparkle!” Aka Get Fit Don’t Quit!

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Welcome to April! And along with that our new Monthly Boot Camper - Krista! I’ve known Krista since she started coming to boot camp and I’ve come to really appreciate her sincerity, friendliness, and support. She’s smiling throughout all the workouts and her consistency is a great example and inspiration to others. You’re awesome Krista!

1.Tell us a little about yourself(family, hobbies, etc) and why you first became interested in boot camp?

I am a wife and proud mother of two children aged 6 and 4 years old. I am also a cardiac surgery nurse at Royal Columbian hospital. I love summer days by the lake, cooking, photography, and quality time with family and friends. I started bootcamp 8 weeks after the birth of my daughter in preparation for my sisters wedding. I was a bit hesitant at first because I thought I was in for some military type class but was pleasantly surprised by the inviting, upbeat and fun nature of boot camp. Over three years later, I'm still here!

2. What do you like most about the boot camp classes and what’s your favourite exercise(s)?

There are so many things I love about bootcamp! I love the sense of community you feel with your fellow boot campers- we are inclusive, hardworking, supportive, sometimes sarcastic and always a lot of fun. After a long day of wading through the challenges of raising a young family while balancing an often stressful career, bootcamp is the ultimate stress release for me. Boot camp is something I do for myself to recenter and recharge for the next days challenges. Attending class keeps me accountable to my health and my fellow boot campers and Sylvia motivate me to do my best- whatever that looks like on that particular day. Sometimes my best is just getting to class and getting through the hour (while remembering what exercise and how many reps I should be doing), but most times my best is pushing myself to move just a bit faster, lift a bit heavier or plank a little longer then the last day. Either way, I am always happy I went to class. The exercises are dynamic and challenging for all fitness levels. My favourite exercises are squats (because of the results), the Tabata circle and any of the card or dice games Sylvia comes up with.

3. Since you’ve been attending boot camp classes what are some of the benefits that you see as a result of exercising regularly?

My cardio endurance, muscle strength and energy level have all benefited from regular boot camp classes. I can run faster, plank longer, and lift heavier then I could have ever achieved without the gentle push and guidance of Sylvia. After class I feel a sense of accomplishment, elevated mood and the perfect amount of muscle fatigue to remind me I rocked it!

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Welcome to our March Monthly Boot Camper: Lincoln! He is such a great example of what it means to make fitness a lifestyle. He stays committed to his weekly boot camp workouts plus runs and hikes with his friends and family while on vacation or just enjoying his own backyard. His blend of sarcasm and encouragement (usually in the same statement!) makes our early morning workouts all the more fun.

Lincoln: "Like many of my age group I face the same challenge: I have a job that is largely office based so generally calories in can easily dwarf calories out. I have a young family that is centred around our toddler so time after work is split between giving my wife somewhat of a break and resisting the urge to pass out before 9pm. All this creates a litany of excuses to avoid routine exercise but wanting to be an active engaged dad is why I joined the 5:45am boot campers.

Coming from an early military career I was somewhat accustomed to the boot camp circuit regime but now I enjoy the focus of tabatas followed by an active recovery run. The diversity of exercise is awesome and for my journey the support of the 5:45am group has been great. Whilst everyone is at different levels you can always push yourself and find achievement in your own way.

I joined the boot camp group around three years ago. With an immediate focus of getting in shape and weight loss I knew I could not exercise my way out of a bad diet so my boot camp kick off was also combined with some small lifestyle changes that I maintain long term. I lost a little over 25 pounds and have really been focussed on maintaining general fitness ever since. We are an active family so being fitter allows me to keep up with my son, simple things like carrying him on a pack for a long walk to running alongside him on his scooter, and generally enjoying everything BC has to offer with my friends and family."
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Hey guys, I want you to meet Michelle. She’s our February Boot Camper Profile and she is one of the most dedicated, hardworking and friendliest people I know! She brings her A-game to every single class and her cheery presence is felt by everyone in the room. She also happens to be celebrating a milestone birthday this month and she couldn’t be more fit or fabulous!

1. Tell us a little about yourself and why you first became interested in boot camp?

My name is Michelle Davis. I am married with three sons. I am a stay at home mom who enjoys helping out at the boy’s schools, volunteering at my church and shopping. I first became interested in boot camp because I had a vast lululemon wardrobe and I really needed somewhere to wear it! 😂I have been attending bootcamp for just over two years and I feel like I have found my long-term fitness home.

2. What do you like most about the boot camp classes and what’s your favourite exercise(s)?

My favourite thing about attending bootcamp is the friends I have made in the classes. We have shared some laughs, grunts, sweat and the occasional tears. I enjoy the camaraderie amongst the group as we each go through the hard work of completing a class. I also love to hear the words "done done"... for those who don't attend this means I have completed another great workout. Sylvia pushes me outside my comfort zone in my workouts which is something that has really helped me achieve my fitness goals. She also is creative with the classes constantly varying work outs, by the end of each week I feel like I have worked my whole body. My favourite exercise is chest fly in a bridge hold because i love how strong it has made my upper body.

3. Since you’ve been attending boot camp classes what are some of the benefits that you see as a result of exercising regularly?

Some of the benefits I have observed from regular exercise are my overall strength has improved, I feel less stressed out, I sleep better, and my muscle tone is improved. I love the fact that regular workouts have made me feel stronger and more fit going into my forties then I was heading into my thirties. I would encourage anyone who has fitness goals to get out and do something to achieve them. For me taking the first step was the hardest part, so make a commitment to yourself and then get out there and do it! Bootcamp is a great place to start and it is friendly/accommodating to whatever level of fitness you are starting at. Think of it as new friends first, fitness will follow!!!!

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Happy New Year and welcome to my first Monthly Bootcamper Profile for January 2019 - Olivia!
For those of you who know me also know that Olivia is my sister. She started attending bootcamp with me and I could tell right away that she loved it. She’s fierce, strong, and once she sets her mind to it there’s no stopping her from reaching her goals. I consider it a privilege that Olivia comes to my classes. She has high standards so she keeps me in check and grounded. 😉

1. What do you like most about the bootcamp classes and what’s your favourite exercise?

“My favourite thing about boot camp is the variety that each class offers. It’s always different and interesting. My favourite exercise is the wall sit. It gets difficult after awhile and makes me feel strong after. 😀 My favourite class is the Tabata class; the hour goes by so fast! Knowing I’m going to bootcamp keeps me motivated and accountable. The accountability factor helps me stick to my goals. Last but not least, I enjoy the other wonderful people sharing the challenge.”

2. Since you have a lot of bootcamp experience what would you say to someone contemplating trying it for the first time?

“To someone coming for the first time, the first couple of weeks are difficult but after that it’s addicting and so worth it!

I’ve grown up with Sylvia ordering me around, but now for one hour 3 times a week, I am willingly paying for it! 😆”

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It’s December and I’d like you to meet John, our Bootcamper of the month! John has been attending bootcamp classes for many years and his energy is such an inspiration. He is enjoying retirement and is more active than ever!

1. Since you’ve been attending bootcamp for many years what keeps you motivated?

“When I was retired I was in terrible fitness condition with a back problem. I knew I had to start a fitness program if I wanted to enjoy retirement. I keep coming because I know if I stop at my age I’ll lose my fitness level quickly and I also have made good friends at bootcamp, running and biking.”

2. What do you like most about bootcamp classes and what’s your favourite exercise? 🏋🏻‍♀️
“I like the variety of exercises that we do especially the card games and the bucket of fun. I prefer exercises like squats and arm exercises because I’m a little competitive and can do them faster than sit-ups or push-ups.”

3. What are some other leisure/fitness activities you enjoy outside of bootcamp?

“My favourite activity is biking and this year I competed in the Whistler Fondo and the Seattle to Portland Ride. To keep busy I do home repairs and renovations for people that can’t afford it or for a donation to charity if they can afford it. I also like to travel and camp.”

Thanks for your dedication to your health and for your sarcastic humour each class. ☺️ John, keep going, you’re doing incredible and so many others can be encouraged by your effort and commitment.

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Our November Monthly Bootcamper is Teresa! 😊 Teresa is a longtime, dedicated bootcamper and she has stayed consistent through it all. Find something you love and you’ll always love doing it! She works hard, loves a challenge and is always up for whatever exercise I throw at her! ☺️ Thank you Teresa for your inspiration and leading by doing! 

1. Why did you begin bootcamp classes and what keeps you coming back?
“I began attending bootcamp in 2010 and have been pretty steady at3 times a week for a number of years. It intrigued me because I never really enjoyed ‘the gym’ and would never stick with an exercise program for very long. I loved that it was outdoors, although I am getting softer...indoors when it’s pouring rain is ok too! Our current location is awesome as we do have that option.”

2. What specifically do you enjoy most about the classes? 
“Absolutely the people! Sylvia leads an excellent workout and everyone is so much fun. I really do love to wake up and think - yeah, it’s bootcamp today!”

3. What’s your favourite exercise?
“I like most of the exercises and the variety is great. Give me something with dice or cards, even better!”

4. Lastly, tell us something about yourself that you enjoy (other than bootcamp of course!). 
“I love being outside, working in the yard, camping, walking. I also love weekend getaways with my hubby, a little R&R to get ready for the work week is always good.”

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Hello! This is Karen and she is our Monthly Bootcamper Profile for October. 🍂 Karen is an enthusiastic, always smiling, and friendly face of bootcamp! She likes to be challenged and never backs down when the workouts push her beyond what she’s capable of doing. She encourages others with her level of dedication and you’ll always love hearing her laugh! ☺️
Here are a few questions I asked Karen:

1. Why did you begin bootcamp classes and what keeps you coming back?
“I started coming to Bootcamp just over two years ago and I am hooked! I wanted to get back into a dedicated fitness routine and this class has it all. The progress has been steady and I’ve never felt stronger. Sylvia has a tremendous amount of knowledge and is always able to provide modifications or options if an exercise isn’t working for you. She instructs in a fun and supportive environment, sometimes you don’t notice how hard you’re working until it’s over!”

2. What specifically do you enjoy most about the classes? And, as someone who likes the 6:30pm class, what would you say is the best part of getting your workout done in the evening?
“I love the variety, it’s never the same which makes the classes go very quickly. I love that after two years of going to the classes I still feel sore after a workout, in a good way! It shows me that I’m always working different muscles and challenging myself in a different way at each class. My favourite part, aside from the huge benefits of this type of workout, is the people. I love that we are all there to work hard but there are always lots of laughs as we share the pain. I like the evening classes as I feel it’s a great way to end my day. I look forward to having a really good workout and then my day is done!”

3. Lastly, what’s your favourite exercise? 🏋️‍♂️
“That’s a tough question...I would have to say deadlifts. I like all leg exercises. “

Thank you Karen - we love having you in class! 😊 

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It’s September! And this month’s Bootcamper Profile doesn’t need a long introduction because you probably already know her. And if not, come to bootcamp and meet her because you won’t regret it. This is Glenis and one class with her and you’ll realize what working hard looks like! She’s perfectly fierce and strong yet gentle and caring. Enjoy reading what she has to say below.

My questions to her were:
1.) Since you’ve been attending bootcamp what do you feel are the benefits for your daily life?
2.) What specifically about the classes do you enjoy the most? And, as a 5:45am bootcamper what would you say is the best part of an early workout?
3.) Lastly, what’s your favourite exercise?

“First of all it is an honour to be asked by Sylvia to share my thoughts on bootcamp. 

I moved to Walnut Grove a little over 3 years ago and a quick google search resulted in me finding Carol’s ‘BreakOut Bootcamp’. I enjoyed the evening classes for awhile with Carol, Rick & Tony as instructors but was much happier joining the 5:45am classes with the morning gang led by Michelle. I still miss her ‘encouraging’ COME ON GLENIS, FASTER! I am so grateful that Sylvia was able to take over for Carol when she retired. 

Bootcamp has been an important part of my life for about 10 years and it is equally rewarding in physical fitness, mental challenge and social interaction. I love the early morning classes as you feel good when you are done and it sets the tone for the day. I don’t think about the weather or the darkness, or when to eat, I just get up and go. 

I love bootcamp and to be challenged to go faster, to lift heavier weights or to try something completely new. And I especially enjoy doing these things beside other like-minded people. It is so much easier with someone right beside you sweating, laughing, encouraging and sometimes cursing as much as you are. Not only do I have great workout buddies, but I have made lifelong friends. The classes are full of teasing, laughing, lots of bad jokes and just a smidge of whining.

Bootcamp started me on a healthier lifestyle and led to other activities like running. About 3 years ago I did my first 10km wine run/walk with Carol Gaukel Laviolette and Teresa Hillman and in a few weeks I will be completing my second half marathon. Hiking a mountain is now just a nice cardio walk. I feel healthier and stronger now than I ever did as a kid. 

My personal rules are:
1.) Always do one more than you think you can. 
2.) Never use the word ‘can’t’.
3.) Three second rule - if you think you are exhausted rest for a maximum of 3 seconds and continue. 

The toughest question Sylvia asked me is what my favourite exercise is? I honestly like them all and only due to a shoulder issue are there some that I like to avoid. But if I were to pick one of my favourite it would be the ‘walkout pushup’. If you are doing them properly there should be sweat dripping off your nose (and that is what I strive for).

Keep challenging us Sylvia because we CAN do anything you throw at us!”

Thank you Glenis Simms - and the honour is all mine to be able to lead fantastic people and workout alongside all of you! 💜 Sylvia

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Say a big hello to our August Client Profile, Noni. Noni took a bit of a hiatus from bootcamp to focus on her small business. Since then she has decided to come back and I really wanted to applaud her decision. Sometimes when we’ve been out of the game for awhile it’s difficult to recommit and choose to exercise again. But SHE SAID YES. And she’s been rocking it ever since. Her dedication has paid off and she’s doing and feeling fantastic. 

Here are a few answers from Noni:
Q: Since you’ve been attending bootcamp what do you feel are the benefits? And, what do you like most about the classes?
A: “I started bootcamp in 2008 and have really loved it. I tend to complain and moan a lot during class but it’s only because I’m trying to work my butt off, literally. I took a 3 year break to start my small business and I really noticed a huge change in my strength, stamina, and energy levels. I am so glad I’ve been able to make the time to come back. I feel stronger and have more energy every day. 

The biggest draw is the people. They are funny, kind(mostly!), SO encouraging and the jokes and laughter we use to distract ourselves makes the time go quicker. And who doesn’t want to be distracted during burpees? Sylvia pushes us really hard but always with a pleasant smile and encouraging word - and has been known to tease us when necessary!”

Q: If you’re someone contemplating bootcamp classes what advice would you share with them from your own personal experience?
A: “Just do it. It seems like it’s always hard to get out there but I never regret going when it’s done. It is a full body workout with lots of cardio and you can push yourself just as much as you want - so on a tired and dreary day there’s really no excuse to say no.”

Q: Lastly, what’s your favourite exercise?
A: Burpees. As long as it’s no more than 40. And I can do them in sets of 10. 

I wish you’d asked me what exercise I hated. “ 😉

Thank you, Noni. We love having you and all your encouragement(including wisecracks!😉) in class.

#breakoutfitnessbc #getfitdontquit2018


Our July Client Profile is Kelly. 😊 Kelly is one of the most dedicated people I know and she consistently makes her health a priority for herself and her family. 

Kelly is a busy mom and knows the importance of staying fit both physically and mentally. She works hard each class because for one hour it’s all about her and I’m going to make sure she gets her sweat on! ☺️

Kelly, you’re inspiring to others by proving you always have time to exercise! 🤛🏻🙌🏻

I asked Kelly a few questions:
1. Since you’ve been attending bootcamp what do you feel are the benefits? And, what do you like most about the classes?

I have become so much stronger since I started with bootcamp classes. I was motivated to lose baby weight and to be able to keep up to my daughter once she started walking. Since then I had baby number two where I regularly attended bootcamp classes until I was 36 weeks pregnant. I was quick to get back at it after my son was born and am currently less weight than I was before I had children. Plus I am strong enough to keep up to my very fast little 2-year-old!

But...what I really love is the mental health gain I have achieved by attending bootcamp classes. I am a stay-at-home mother of a 2- and 3-year-old. I have some fairly draining days and the best form of release is heading to a bootcamp class. I seriously feel amazing and like a new person when I am finished a class!

2. Would you recommend bootcamp classes to others, and if so, why?

Yes! I think bootcamp is just a perfect workout. The classes are different each time, there are multiple class time offerings, and an amazing group of people to workout with. The workouts are intense at all levels which is what I love...you can always push yourself harder! This keeps me motivated and why I’ve been going for over 3 years. 

3. And, what’s your favourite exercise? ☺️

Currently I am loving squats. I can get low and I love the overall sore feeling the next day. 
Thank you Kelly! 😊

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It’s time again for my Monthly Bootcamper Profile. 😊 This month I would like you to meet Reynold. You won’t meet a kinder, more generous, and funny guy than him! Reynold has been attending bootcamp longer than most and still gives 110% each and every class. He’s encouraging, always smiling and never, ever complains when I ask him to do more burpees. 😉 

I asked Reynold what motivates him to keep coming to bootcamp and what would he tell someone wanting to try bootcamp for the first time? 

“I have been attending bootcamp since 2010. It started as a challenge/team building event with the guys at work. Aside from the work challenge, I was motivated by being blessed with a grandson a year prior and wanted to make sure I would be physically able to enjoy my role as a grandparent. It didn’t take long to realize the benefits of bootcamp. It is not just strength or cardio but a full body workout. It’s a fantastic way to get your day started or work out the stresses in the evening. Being challenged by Sylvia and fellow participants adds to the experience. I have made some great friends through bootcamp and have taken up cycling, running and obstacle courses which I know I would not have been able to do without the bootcamp conditioning. 

I encourage people to come out and try Sylvia’s classes. The people are great and the benefits amazing. Just remember, you only get out what you’re willing to put in!

As a side note, my motivation has increased from 1 to 7 grandkids so I can’t quit!”

Thanks Reynold for being a great example of what fit and fantastic looks like. Your grandkids are sure lucky to have you!

#breakoutfitnessbc #getfitdontquit2018


Welcome to my first monthly Bootcamper Profile! Each month I’ll be highlighting one of my bootcampers and sharing her/his success story with you. 

This month I would like to introduce you to Julie. She has been attending bootcamp for two years. She is encouraging, supportive, and an incredible athlete. In August 2017 she was in a road bike accident that left her recuperating for six weeks. Once she was able to return to bootcamp she modified certain exercises but she never stopped! Now, six months post accident, she is stronger and faster than before the accident. Julie is always smiling and there isn’t a class that goes by without her familiar “whoop” to keep everyone going! I asked Julie a couple of questions and below are her responses. 

Q. Why did you begin bootcamp?
A. Two years ago my partner in crime and I decided we needed something more than our daily step count of 20,000-30,000 steps. We knew Sylvia attended bootcamp and decided to give it a try. 

Q. What do you like most about bootcamp classes?
A. The three things I like most about bootcamp are:
1. The workouts are always different so it’s always exciting and new. 
2. The amazing instructor and group of people I work out with. We laugh, whine and sweat together and encourage and support each other. 
3. The benefits that I see from working out in other aspects of my life. Bootcamp has helped my cardio for ball and floor hockey as well as my strength for puck battles. As well when I first started bootcamp there were exercises I could not do because of hip and neck issues. I’m happy to say that over time my overall strength has increased which has alleviated my neck and hip issues. 

Thank you Julie for your inspiration and dedication to your health and fitness journey. I’m happy to be along for the ride!

#breakoutfitnessbc #getfitdontquit2018