About Sylvia

Sylvia Little

BCRPA Personal Trainer

BCRPA Weight Trainer

Bootcamp Instructor

First Aid Qualified

I began attending BreakOut Bootcamp classes in the fall of 2009 and was immediately hooked!  Over the next few years bootcamp became (and still is) an integral part of my fitness program and has encouraged me to try new fitness adventures.  I have enjoyed snowshoeing, running a half marathon, playing community ball hockey, deep-water workouts, and completed my first Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race this year. Bootcamp has given me the foundation that has enabled me to enjoy so many fun fitness activities. 

I believe bootcamp is a great group fitness class and really enjoy the camaraderie and accountability that is shared with the other bootcampers.  I started leading classes in 2012 as a way to integrate my love for fitness and teaching.  In September 2016 I became certified as a Personal Trainer and registered with the BCRPA (BC Recreation and Parks Association).  I am encouraged by the way people strive for their fitness goals and am grateful to be a part of that process.  Alongside Carol Laviolette’s mentorship I became the new owner of BreakOut Bootcamp in February 2017 and now lead the company as BreakOut Fitness.  I'm excited for what is in store for BreakOut Fitness and look forward to encouraging others to embrace their fitness potential in a fun and safe environment. 

I am also a wife and mom and hope that my approach to a healthy lifestyle impacts my family in a positive way. I enjoy running, weight lifting, nutrition, and I have a slight addiction to Starbucks coffee.  My hope is that you’ll come try a bootcamp class for yourself and see how much fun fitness can be!